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As you all know learning in reception takes in many different forms, it isn't always an end product or a piece of work. Learning happens through problem solving, interactions, imaginations, discussions, listening, exploring the outdoors, investigating, being curious, role playing, being creative and being physical to name but a few! Each week we will upload the children's learning and adventures.

Autumn 2

Week Ending 16th December 2021

This week we have been busy, to busy to take any photos as well!!:

  • We have do Christmas finger gym activities. 
  • Christmas crafts.
  • Munched on party food and treats.
  • Had our last session of football with Stuart.
  • Learnt Luke's account of the Nativity story and compared it to our performance.
  • We attempted to write words and sentences to explain the character we played in the Nativity.
  • Saw Santa and received at present from him!
  • Played the characters of the Nativity story for our school mass in church

Week Ending 10th December 2021

This week we have been busy:

  • Performing our fantastic Nativity play, we were very proud of ourselves and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
  • Eating our beautiful Christmas dinner and wearing our Christmas jumpers to celebrate Christmas.
  • Hearing the story of 'The Ten Little Elves' and designing our own elf and writing about him/her.
  • Crafting all our Christmas treats ready to bring home and share with you next week.
  • Listening to the story of 'Snowflake' and practising our cutting skills by making our own snowflakes to decorate the classroom with. 
  • Ordering and recognising numbers using the reindeers and snowmen in the maths area.
  • Singing hymns ready to celebrate at our school mass next week.
  • Drinking hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows in the snack area.
  • Dancing and playing games at our class party.

Week Ending 3rd December 2021

This week we have been busy:

  • Having a successful Nativity dress rehearsal, the whole school was SO IMPRESSED!
  • Learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 
  • We made porridge and tasted lots of different toppings and then wrote up what we thought of them.
  • We used oats to test out different capacities. 
  • Exploring number 6.
  • Decorating our classroom doors.
  • Discovering more about Advent and how as Catholics we prepare for it. We made advent wreaths to take home.
  • Developing our cutting, weaving, colouring and writing skills in finger gym.

Week Ending 26th November 2021

This week we have been busy:

  • Practising our Nativity, we can't wait to perform it for you all.
  • Looking at the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' we made story maps, wolf mask and acted out the story with our own imagination. 
  • Focussing on the number 5.
  • Enjoying toast with butter and jam.
  • Learning how to be an elf at Darling Manor.
  • Developing our football skills in PE with Stuart.
  • Working hard in our reading groups to blend and/or oral blending and segmenting. 
  • Beginning to learn about Advent in RE.

Week Ending 19th November 2021

This week we have been busy:

  • Learning songs for our Nativity performance.
  • Focussing on the number 4.
  • Chomping on crackers and yogurts.
  • Learning the story of 'Hansel and Gretel' making our own sweet houses in the small world and deconstructed area.
  • Celebrating Everywhere Bear's birthday.
  • Using the outdoor stage and the water area to transport water.
  • Getting cosy and doing all things Pudsey Bear for 'Children In Need'.
  • Working hard in our daily phonics sessions.

Week Ending 12th November 2021

Yet again another busy and fun in Reception, we've been busy:

  • Re-creating the story of the 'The Little Red Hen'.
  • Creating our own stories.
  • Making bird feeders out of Mrs Patrick's pumpkins from Halloween.
  • Eating yogurt and cereal.
  • Learning new skills with Stuart in our football session.
  • Learning about Remembrance Day.
  • Focusing on the number 3 in our maths sessions. 

Autumn 1