St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible


As you all know learning in reception takes in many different forms, it isn't always an end product or a piece of work. Learning happens through problem solving, interactions, imaginations, discussions, listening, exploring the outdoors, investigating, being curious, role playing, being creative and being physical to name but a few! Each week we will upload the children's learning and adventures.

Week Ending 18th December

Well what a December we have had! Now that you have all gotten your USBs we can share some of the exciting things we have been up to.

  • We have practiced, learned and filmed our first Nativity. We looked FABULOUS in our costumes and sounded like Angels!
  • We have made Christmas snow globes with images of us catching the snow
  • We have made Christmas pudding biscuits
  • Munched our way through crumpets, hot-dogs, yoghurts and wraps
  • Made lots of Christmas items; cards, calendars, paper chains and even a 3D class Christmas tree!
  • We have had our school Christmas dinner which was delicious 
  • Had our Christmas party...... guess who LOVED the party music and dancing!
  • Enjoyed a virtual pantomime of Cinderella
  • Had a different Christmas story read to us every day by all the teachers and staff in school 
  • Had lots of fun in all the Christmas themed areas- including a stable in the deconstruction, painting baubles, making angels and reindeer hats in the workshop and lots more!

 Week Ending 4th November

This week we have been......

  • Learning the nativity story and it's importance in our lives.
  • Singing Christmas hymns.
  • Making advent wreaths. (just remember they might not be safe to light!) 
  • Learning all about the number 8 and how we can make it, count it, write it and recognise it.
  • Focussing on the letters J V W X and using them to read and write cvc words. 
  • Painting using cotton buds to make snowflakes.
  • Writing letters to Santa.

Week Ending 27th November

This week we have been........

  • INVENTORS!!!! Following on from our story last week of 'Little Miss Red and the Invention Machine' we turned into inventors ourselves! We designed and made our own invention machines using recycled materials and wrote instructions on how to use them. As a treat at the end of the week we watch the musical 'Jingle Jangle' a story about an inventor who invented a special Robot!
  • In maths we investigated money and enjoyed Mrs Hartley super market sweep game in the deconstructed area!
  • Eating our way through cheese wraps, mini pancakes, fruit and cereal.
  • Experimenting with magnets and finding out what things were magnetic or not!
  • In RE we found out that an angel called Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her she was going to have a baby called Jesus.
  • Busy improving our skills in football. 

Week Ending 20th November

This week we have been....

  • Learning the story of 'Little Miss Red'! We learnt the story through actions and wrote a story map to remember it! We imagined what Little Miss Red and the Huntsman would look like and drew pictures of them.
  • Learning the letters CK E U R, using them to read and write cvc words.
  • Chomping our way through crackers, yogurts and brioche rolls.
  • In RE we listened to the parables, The Good Samaritan and The Sheep and the Goat. We learnt that we need to always try and do the right thing.
  • We problem solved to find the numbers that was one less than a given number, it helped that we used jelly tots to practise!! 
  • During football the behaviour was fantastic and Stuart gave everyone a team point!

Week Ending 13th November

This week we have been ……...

  • BUSYYY! We started the week off learning the importance of Remembrance Day, we drew pictures, wrote words, painted poppies and watched videos online to understand how lucky we are. 
  • We have learnt all about the number 6, how to recognise it, count it, what numbers add together to make it and what numbers are one more and one less than it!
  • On Thursday we had an RE day learning all about how Hindus celebrate Diwali. We learnt the story of Rama and Sita and how good won over evil. Hindus celebrate Diwali by lighting diva lamps, eating special sweets and watching fireworks with family and friends. We made diva lamps to light at home tomorrow (14th November). 
  • Enjoying crackers with jam, baked beans, brioche and Pudsey biscuits.
  • On Friday to celebrate Children in Need we made Pudsey biscuits and did Pudsey Crafts.
  • In phonics we learnt the letters G O C K.

Week Ending 6th November

This week we have been ……. 

  • Learning all about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. We made bonfire pictures and wrote facts about Guy Fawkes.
  • Learning how to keep safe on Bonfire Night with some top tips from Fireman Sam.
  • Busy learning the next set of letters in phonics and having a go at hearing initial sounds and writing cvc words.
  • Munching on crackers, hot dogs and jacket potatoes with butter.
  • Learning the story where Jesus turned 5 loaves of bread and two fish into enough food to feed 5000 people!
  • Exploring and hunting for 2D shapes in the environment and practising our cutting skills by cutting about shapes from magazines.

A busy first week back! Roll on all the fun that's to come in Autumn 2!xxx

Week Ending 23rd October

This week we have been...…….

  • Going Halloween crazy!! Reading Room on the Broom, 10 Little Monsters, Winnie the Witch to name but a few. Investigating pumpkins, painting them and hammering gold tees into them. We designed our own Halloween monsters and made Halloween pictures. We made potions in the water area and mud kitchen.
  • In RE we learnt the story of Jonah and the Whale and made our own Jonah and the Whale model.
  • Making Halloween pizza snakes and chocolate covered apples.
  • Begun learning the letters of the alphabet starting with S, A, T, P.
  • Thinking about our mental health and enjoyed yoga and mindful colouring on Monday.
  • On Friday we celebrated the end of half term with a Halloween party!


Week Ending 16th October

This week we have been...……...

  • Learning the story of the little red hen. The videos are on our facebook page for you to watch. 
  • Learning the life cycle of a hen. 
  • Sawing wood outside to turn into little characters.
  • Making patterns with buttons following the story 'The Button Box'.
  • continuing to practise our oral blending and segmenting. 
  • Munching on bagels, cereal and beans.
  • We had our first Lectio Divina on the 'The Wedding Feast'. 
  • In our RE session we learnt the story of Joseph and his Dreamcoat and made dreamcoats. 

Week Ending 9th October
This week we have been...…………..

  • Learning how to keep healthy.
  • We used disclosing tablets to see the plaque on our teeth and then brushed them c lean.
  • Made and enjoyed veg soup.
  • We had a Baptism celebration.
  • We practised oral blending and segmenting. 
  • We have practised our 1:1 counting skills.
  • Cleaned babies in the water trays.
  • Painted with tooth brushes.

Week Ending 2nd October
This week we have been...…..

  • Learning how hedgehogs hibernate. 
  • Learning how to hear syllables in words.
  • Learning how to orally blend and segment.
  • working in pairs for our math mastery sessions.
  • Learning about John the Baptist in RE. 
  • In snack we enjoyed yogurts, biscuits and cereal.

Week Ending 25th September
This week we have been...…..

  • Learning all about our 'Learning Super Heroes' - Wise Owl, Tough Tortoise, Team Ant and Sensible Squirrel.
  • Learning about the 'Creation Story' and painting pictures of the things God created.
  • Munching on cereal. 
  • Walked to the grotto for 'Prayer and Liturgy'.
  • Exploring numbers in the outdoor area. 

Week Ending 18th September

This week we have been...…..

  • Munching on crackers in the snack area.
  • Enjoying our school dinners.
  • Playing in the water and sand.
  • Experimenting with musical instruments on the outdoor stage.
  • Meet KS our safety monkey - KidsSafe.
  • Outdoors making dens, rockets, cafes and  exploring the outdoor resources on offer.
  • Making self portraits using loose parts and dream catchers following our assembly on hope. 

The First Week
What a great start to school, lots of exploring of the continuous provisions, making new friends and understanding the school day! Roll on full days next week! Take a peek below of all the fun we had!xxxx