St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Autumn 2019-2020


Week Beginning 11th November

  •  We have continued to use the story of 'Little Miss Red and The Invention Machine' to create our own invention machines out of recycled materials. We then wrote down instructions on how they worked.
  • In phonics we have been trying really hard to hear sounds in cvc words and remember the letters that represent the sounds. 
  • We enjoyed cereal, pizza wraps and Pudsey biscuits for snack.
  • In our RE work we were practising religious signs and symbols. We added the 4 points of the cross to our bodies to help make the cross in the correct way.
  • In maths we have been using the adding machine to help us add numbers. Along with the whole school who are working on number lines this week, we ordered numbers 1-10 on HUGE number lines. 
  • On Friday we LOVED coming to school in our PJs and designing our own Pudsey biscuit to eat. 

Week Beginning 4th November

  • This week we have enjoyed crackers, spaghetti hoops and crisps for our treat on Friday.
  • We have been so excited to learn our new story 'Little Miss Red and The Invention Machine'. We've learnt it verbally with the story map and imagined what the characters would look like, having a go at drawing them. Then we watched the short film of it and were amazed how Little Miss Red and The Huntsman looked! We then thought about how all sorts of machines make the things we use everyday, even watching clips from Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory and how he made the sweets! Next week we are going to make our own invention machines!
  • In maths we've been looking at money and trying to understand the value of 1p and 2p and how we can add them together to increase the value.
  • We've learnt about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.
  • We've looked at the different size and shaped pumpkins Mrs Patrick brought it and tried to draw them using chalk and oil pastels. 

Week Beginning 28th October

  • We've had a busy and spooky week back after half term, enjoying the story Funnybones and munching on ghost shaped crumpets.
  • We've learnt about Diwali and made diva lights to celebrate good winning over evil.
  • In maths we have been practising 2D shapes, going on hunts, building in the construction and describing things we can see in our classroom.
  • We loved the story of Funnybones, we were all fascinated about bones, we learnt how they protect our organs and help us to move. We learnt a song and made skeletons in all kinds of ways inside and outside of the classroom. In the story the skeletons wanted to frightened people so we decided who we would like to frighten and drew frightening pictures.
  • We had a Halloween themed PE lesson and listened to spooky music.
  • We went to our first Mass and everyone behaved so well, showing respect to Father Paul and God. We were very proud of everyone.


Week Beginning 14th October 

  •  We've had a very busy week to finish our first half term in school! We've been out in all weathers with lots of muddy sock going home to show how much fun we've had playing to learn in the outdoors.
  •  We have been working hard on matching numerals to quantities and Mr Reid our Maths Leader was very impressed when he came to watch our math mastery session!
  • We started getting in the spirit of Halloween and had lots of finger activities involving spiders and eyeballs.
  • In RE we learnt the story of Noah's Ark, we used our fabulous knitted Ark to re-created the story and made our own Noah's Ark picture using lolly pop sticks.
  •  We've enjoyed baked beans, crackers, cereal and chocolate biscuits for snack.
  •  During PE we used the parachute to play lots of team games.
  •  In phonics we started to learn our first set of letters S, A, T, P, resources have been set home to practise the skills we are learning and more will follow after the half term.
  •  THANK YOU to all the children and parents/carers for a fantastic start to school! Enjoy this much needed half term break and we look forward to getting all Christmassy when we start back.

Week Beginning 7th October 

  • We've had all weathers this week and we took advantage of the rain on Monday with paint mixing in the puddles! Children loved exploring colours and how they changed, we then decided to mix powder paints in class, only using primary colours to seeing how many new colours and shades we could create!
  • We had lots of fun activities for our morning finger gym to strengthen our hands for writing.
  • We learnt all about how to keep our teeth healthy. Brushing our teeth and using the digital microscope to look inside our mouths.
  • For snack we have enjoyed enjoyed baked beans, cereal, popcorn, biscuits and fruit for snack.
  • We had a calm and relaxing mental health day, watching the Pixar film 'Inside out' all about emotions followed by yoga, meditation and crafts.
  • We've been trying really hard with our oral blending and segmenting and you can practise these at home with your cards in your green bags.
  • We visited church on Friday to learn all about Baptisms, Father Paul came to introduce himself and we went back to class to role play what we had learnt.
  • ANOTHER FANTASTIC WEEK IN OUR RECEPTION CLASS, we are very proud of the behaviour and respect everyone is showing to each other, well done. 

Week Beginning 30th September 

  • We've enjoyed wraps with ham, cheese and/or jam, cereal and crackers this week!! We are being really independent and our washing up is improving! 
  • Everyone was fascinated about the leaves in the outdoor area so we read 'The Leaf Man' and went on a hunt to find some! We used them back in class for anything the children decided, including threading wool through them. While we were out we continued to train our ears and listened to the different sounds in our environment. 
  •  We got muddy as always in the outdoor area building towers as tall as we could reach and dens at the top of the hill.
  • We went on a walk around the estate and to the square to count things that counted be moved such as houses, windows, cars, drains, signs and doors to name but a few!
  • The boys decided to build a castle in the deconstructed area and created canons to fire canon balls out of!
  • In our maths mastery sessions we worked with a partner to order numbers to 10. 
  • During RE we learnt the story of John the baptist and shared our own experiences of baptism. 
  • To finish the week Year 6 came down to read to us on Friday afternoon. 

Week Beginning 23rd September 

  • We've enjoyed making toast independently, we know the safety rules for the toaster and can be trusted to use it. We added lots of butter and yummy jam to our toast.
  • We worked hard in pairs to identify and order numbers to 10.
  • We listened to the story of 'The Magic Pencil' and then made our own magic pencils out of wood and wool.
  • We visited Ann Morgan's Opticians and have started making our new optician role play (photos to follow next week).
  • We learnt that God loves us all and have starting learning a song called 'God Loves Me'.
  • In phonics we have been learning all about rhyming, singing songs, playing games on the computer and matching rhyming pairs.

Week Beginning  16th September 

  • We've survived another week in reception and what a fun week it's been!!!
  • We have learnt the story and The Little Red Hen using actions and creating a visual story map.
  • In the story of The Little Red Hen nobody would help her make the bread, which was really unkind. After learning what respect means from this half terms 'Living and Learning Statement'  we decided to work in teams to make bread rolls that we could enjoy in our snack area together. The bread rolls were delicious and we enjoyed them with butter and jam on.
  • We've been busy in the continuous provision building, painting portraits of ourselves, investigating numbers and enjoying the new sand and water areas.
  • Following our trip to Sproaty's chippy we made our own chip shop in class called 'Patrick's Chippy' , it opened on Monday and we've had a great time role playing everything that we learnt from our visit.
  • In RE we learnt that God knows us all and that our names are important to him and our families. We reflected on the importance of looking after our oceans after we learnt about Pope's Francis prayer intentions.
  • During PE we got some equipment out and worked on developing our balance, we love the wide open space in the hall!

Week Beginning  9th September 

  • YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY first full week in reception done and what a week it's been!
  • We have met our learning super heroes, Sensible Squirrel, Wise Owl, Tough Tortoise and Team Ant! We are all aspiring to be like them while we are learning and having fun.
  • We have enjoyed the self service snack area, serving ourselves crackers with butter, fruit and water. We are excited for all the food we are going to make and eat in the snack area.
  • We've had our first PE session and everyone made a great effort to get changed independently.
  • We thought about what shops we visit in our local area of Cleator Moor and decided we'd like to make a chip shop for one of our role play areas. So we visited Sproaty's Chippy to find about how a chip shop works. We then made 'Patrick's Chippy' making chips, fish, peas, signs, menus and outfits. (photos to follow next week)
  • We visited our church, St Mary's for the first time and are beginning to learn our class prayers.
  • We've shared lots of stories, getting to know Pet the Cat and how he was brave when he started school.
  • We've had lots of 'Play to Learn' time in all areas of the classroom.
  • We've put our wellies and suits on and explored our outdoor area.
  • On Friday afternoon Year 6 came down to read us stories.