St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Summer 2018-19

The last few weeks of our amazing year 

 What a way to end of summer term this year! It has been filled with so much fun and learning. We've loved learning everything sea life, exploring the outdoors in the sun shine, church procession, using the cooker to bake treats for snack, receiving our first school reports, performing up town girl at Mrs Jackson's leaving assembly and enjoying move up day with Miss Cooper to name a few things! Mrs Patrick is extremely proud of you all for growing into lovely, fun and hard working children ready for year one. I wish you all the luck in the world, i will miss you so much. Have a great summer.   


Week Beginning 24th June

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  •  We wanted to know if mermaids and mermen were real so we decided to do some investigating, we watched videos, read stories, searched the internet and discussed! We are still divided on the verdict but Mrs Patrick is positive they are real!
  •  We went mermaid/mermen mad making all sorts of things including tails and acting out the story of The Singing Mermaid.
  •  We did a science experiment about melting, seeing how we could melt the frozen mermaid tails to melt the quickest.
  • On Friday we had a nice treat and Miss Cooper taught us as Mrs Patrick was on a course and we spent the day learning about the creation story and doing art work linked to it.
  • This weeks phonics was all based on tricky words and it showed how well we have been practising these at school and for many at home too!
  •  In maths we were using lots of positional language, we worked in teams and pairs to give each other instructions to follow to solve the positional problems. 

Week Beginning 17th June

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • As always we've had a busy week learning and having lots of fun, we started the week learning facts about octopis, as one of our 'find out questions' was to find out how octopis live in the sea. All children could recall facts and used these to help them make their own octopus.
  • We did a drinks investigation and tasted different drinks to decide if we thought they were healthy or unhealthy and why, we wrote up our answers in our literacy books.
  • On Wednesday afternoon Harriet from Phunky foods came in to do a 'Sugar Savvy' workshop and we couldn't believe the amount of sugar in some drinks! We are all going to try hard to cut down on sugar by choosing healthier choices!
  • In maths we have been investigating doubling, doubling our friends, butterflies, pirate coins, ice-creams and anything else we were playing with.
  • In PE we have started practising for the different events in our sports day, lets pray for sunshine on Monday 1sy July.
  • On Thursday Year 2 taught us some of their country dances, it was such great fun. 
  • On Friday we had the most perfect wedding day, everyone enjoyed the ceremony and the wedding party, it was a great way to end our wedding topic! WELL DONE EVERYONE!

Week Beginning 10th June

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • We've had a shark inspired week, lots of us wanted to find out about sharks so we went on a shark investigation.
  • We practised our cutting skills and made sharks, we learnt lots of facts about sharks and wrote them down to remember them.
  • We made lots of ice creams in the play dough so we decided to turn our deconstructed area into an ice cream cafe. We made signs, ice creams and menus. Come on by to Twisty's ice cream cafe for a treat!
  • In maths we were practising our halving skills, halving objects, numbers, dinosaurs and people!
  • On Monday we made fruity muffins that we enjoyed for snack on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • We made some 'fin-tastic' father's day card for the special people in our lives. 
  • During RE we were reflecting on Jesus' friends The Disciples and discussing how important our own friends are to us, we drew pictures of our friends made them friendship hearts.

Week Beginning 3rd June

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • We've had a lovely first week of our last half term in reception!!
  • Everyone has done lots of writing this week, writing recounts of our school trip to Keswick and writing questions we would like to find out about sea life.
  • We've been doing lots of subtraction, working with our math mastery partners and using our mini me photos to make number sentences, aswell as using the fishing nets to scoop of ducks from the pond and counting how many was left.
  • We are REALLY enjoying and developing our athletic skills in PE, winning stars depending on our score, roll on sports day!!
  • Snack was our main favourites this week, cereal and crackers with different toppings.
  • We've had lot of playing to learn time in the outdoor area this week building dens, playing ninjas, fun with subtraction, being mechanics and using chalk to draw anywhere we liked!
  • During RE we have been reading simple scriptures from the bible about The Disciples and how they spread the word of God. 

Week Beginning 20th May

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • What a great way to spend our last week of Summer 1! Our trip to Keswick was so much fun! You can see the photos under trips.
  • Everyone wrote their own space stories this week, working hard to use finger spaces, full stops, phonics knowledge, capital letters and form letters correctly. Everyone was really proud of their stories and they showed the great progress everyone has made. We are VERY PROUD!
  • We were lucky enough to do gymnastic on Thursday morning because Year 6 were on their residential. We loved using our bodies to experiment with balancing and rolling in different ways.
  • We also practised our athletics skills this week, we won different stars depending on how well we did to earn our athletics certificates next half term.
  • On Friday we learnt about Islam and how they fast for Ramadan. Mrs Patrick's friend Sobia factimed us and taught us about Ramadan and their Eid celebration. It was really interesting to learn about another faith and compare it to our catholic faith. 
  • Mrs Gilson brought down the chicks she was hatching with Year 5, we weren't allowed to touch them as they were going back to the farm and we didn't want their family to reject them. They were very cute!
  • We have enjoyed cereal and crackers for snack this week. After the holidays we are going to be using our new oven to make some breakfast muffins. 

Week Beginning 13th May

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • Well the new oven went down a storm when the children made pizza wraps, this week! Yum Yum! We are going to try breakfast muffins next!
  • We are really enjoying the story 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy, we've done lots of activities inspired from the book, including story writing to making rockets in the outdoor area!
  • In maths we investigated estimation and played games outside to develop our understanding.
  • In RE we continued our work on Mary and her importance in our lives. We made some rosary beads and learnt The Hail Mary.
  • With everyone's excitement and fascination on rockets, we decided to do our own science experiments. We used balloons, straws and string to experiment how fast and far they could traveled. 
  • Following on from picnic list writing we decided to go for a picnic to the moon ourselves ............... aka a picnic at the park! The sun was shining and we had great fun!

Week Beginning 6th May

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • We have learnt all about how the earth and the moon orbit, we made models of this and wrote down facts in our writing book.
  • We learnt about Jesus's ascension to heaven and made models of this with recycled paper cups and plates.
  • In maths we were practising our number recognition skills and learning how to count in 2s!
  • May is the month of Mary so we reflected on the importance of her in our lives and how we could be more like her. 
  • We have our new cooker and fridge form the money raised at our Chinese performance and snack next week will be pizza wraps using the oven!
  • All children used the toaster independently and safely this week while making toast for snack and we are VERY PROUD of this! The thickness of the butter and jam was another matter!!
  • During PE we carried on our space dance as well as doing some mindfulness and relaxation at the end of session.
  • The moon sand in the dough area was a great success, so worth the mess!

Week Beginning 29th April

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • WOW what a busy and exciting week we've had!
  • The Dib Dab aliens got back to Dibby Dabby after we found their 3D shaped fuel  and they sent us some special Dibby Dabby space cakes, which were delicious!
  • The ladies from Dove Cottage came to do a  song and craft time, we sang spring songs, heard poems by William Wordsworth and made sheep masks. 
  • Fiddadle came to perform and were AMAZING,they  played a range of instruments and taught us some songs too!
  • We made jet packs and went on an adventure to space in our PE session!
  • We learnt all about astronauts and wrote facts about them.
  • In RE we learnt about Pentecost and made fire flame crowns, like the holy spirit gave the people at the feast of Pentecost.

Week Beginning 22nd April 

 Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • This week the Dib Dab Aliens lost all their 3D shaped fuel in our outdoor area!! luckily we found it for them, we sorted them into  different shapes and wrote letters to the Dib Dabs, so they could get back to Dibby Dabby! We're hoping to hear from them soon!
  • We had some tasty fresh strawberries in our outdoor area while enjoying a story in the sunshine.
  • The children made cheese scones and enjoyed eating them as much as making them!
  • We did group writing on large sheets, writing questions we would like answered during our space topic. 
  • In RE we wrote 'Good News' newspaper article to share our own good news, just as everyone shared Jesus' good news that he had rose again.
  • Everyone settled into their new reading groups and are working super hard! Thanks to those reading at home, what an impact it is having!

Week Beginning 15th April 

 Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • The children have loved all the activities of holy week, learning about the importance of Easter and the true meaning of it .......  not just chocolate eggs and bunnies!
  • The children created a fantastic procession for 'Jesus' to walk into our Easter mass, by waving palms they had created during finger gym.
  • We had a mental health workshop where the children learnt how to deal with worries and learnt where they can get help from to deal with anything that might worry them. We have a worry box in class that the children can add worries too.
  • We had a very naughty snack this week where the children made chocolate Easter nests in their bowl, they melted 3 squares of chocolate in the microwave and then mixed in the rice cripsies and 3 chocolate eggs!
  • Thursday was our whole school sponsored walk and it was FANTASTICCCCCC, every single child was so well behaved and really motivated to walk over 5 miles. We couldn't be more proud of everyone.
  • The continuous  provision was filled with lots of Easter fun............................