St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Spring 2018-2019

Week Beginning 25th March 

 Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • Well the sickness bug finally went which meant we could have an exciting last week!
  • We went VOLCANO crazyyyyyy, making our own volcanoes in lemons which was such a fun science experiment! All the children were very excited, this lead onto brilliant writing about how the experiment went and gained greater knowledge and understanding of how and why volcanoes erupt!
  • In maths our focus was time, we used clock faces to make o'clock times, timers to time ourselves doing different fitness exercises in PE and we made watches in the workshop. 
  • Everyone made Mother's Day cards for the special ladies in their lives, we wish all our Mum's a 'Happy Mother's Day'.
  • We visited the stations of the cross in our church grotto and learnt what Jesus went through in his love for us. 
  • For finger gym this week we practised our cutting skills, by cutting out green hands to make into palm leaves for our Holy Week in April. 
  • We've enjoyed some fun learning in the outdoor area, made even better that the sun made an appearance! We focused on our Team Ant learning super powers to work together to accomplish tasks i.e den building, climbing and transporting large items. 
  • Crumpets were a hit for snack, especially because they could be topped with cheese if desired. children confidently, safely and independently used the toasters. WELL DONE!

Then just like that the Spring term was over! A  huge well done to all the children for a fun, hard working term filled with great learning and achievements. Enjoy the holidays and come back excited for your last term in reception!

Week Beginning 18th March 

 Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • Well the sickness bug continued to strike right into this week too, including Mrs Patrick but that didn't stop lots of learning and fun, despite not as many photos been taken as usual! WELL DONE to everyone for be fantastic with the change of routines.
  • Everyone is working hard in their new Maths Mastery partners, focusing on subtractions this week. 
  • This weeks phonics was all based on ALPHABET NAMES, recognising, saying and writing them. Knowing the names of the letters is just as important as the sounds. So any practise at home would be fantastic.
  • At the start of this half term the children all wrote down something they'd like to know about dinosaurs. The most popular dinosaur they wanted to learn about was a T-Rex, so this week we went T-rex mad! The children practised their labelling skills and labelled a T-Rex, great use of phonics knowledge when spelling words from everyone, supper work!
  • In RE we learnt more about Pope Francis and why he is so important to use and our faith. We began learning about Easter with Palm Sunday, making palm crosses and retelling the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem and everyone laying palm on the ground for him.  

Week Beginning 11th March 

 Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • We celebrated St Patrick's Day with an assembly and we made shamrock badges from recycled green milk bottle tops.
  • We learnt all about paleontologists and what is involved in their job. We made our own on paleontologists to practise our cutting skills and wrote facts on the front of them. We had a dinosaur dig where we tried to dig out the dinosaur bones like a paleontologists would and we made dinosaurs dens in the outdoor area.
  •  We followed the scrambled egg instructions, cracking our own eggs and cooking them in the microwave, aswell as beans for those who didn't like egg!
  • We did some observational drawings of daffodils using oil pastels and thought about other signs of spring that are currently happening. 
  • There has been some excellent maths work happening in our new maths mastery partners, we've been focusing on adding this week! EXCELLENT USE OF TEAM ANT SUPERHERO POWERS.
  • We read told the story of Jesus in the wilderness using small world characters and sands for the desert. 
  • The sickness bug very much struck in our class so we were slightly thin on the ground some days, we hope everyone is better for a busy week ahead next week. 

Week Beginning 4th March 

 Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • We started the week off pancake mad, we listened to the story of Mr Wolf's pancakes and wrote down an ingredients list for pancakes and then on Tuesday we made pancakes for snack.
  • We have been learning and thinking about all the good we are going to do during Lent. We all wrote a Lenten promise, Mum's and Dad's you are in for a treat, as they promised to help you all at home!!!
  • Father Paul came to school on Wednesday to hold our Ash Wednesday service, where we all received ashes on our foreheads. 
  • In Maths we have been focusing on one more and one less to 20, children tried to use numicon to represent teen numbers which was tricky to think of the tens and ones they needed, GREAT EFFORT by all!
  • World Book Day on Thursday was FANTASTICCCCC, everyone looked great and we loved sharing all our favourite books. The children also did some great writing linked to the whole school book - Flotsam.  

Week Beginning 25th February 

 Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • We started our dinosaur topic this week with all the children writing down what they want to find out about dinosaurs. They were very interested in what dinosaurs ate, so we learnt about Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores. 
  • We have been learning all about Fairtrade this week,finishing off this week by visiting the coop to search for Fairtrade items. The manager was kind enough to donate all the products we found!!! We are going to use these items to make things for snack next week.
  • In maths we have been making tally charts about our favourite Fairtrade chocolates.
  • Finger gym has been dinosaur theme which the children have really enjoyed.
  • The dinosaurs got a good wash in the water tray and all kinds of den have been created for them. The girls also found a ladybird and made a new home for it. 
  • We have had different kinds of cereal for snack this week and tidying up has much improved in the snack area which is FANTASTIC!
  • Year 2 came down on Tuesday afternoon to read us stories they had created!
  • Some of us made Stegosaurus hats and practised of cutting skills. 

Week Beginning 11th February 

 Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • We have continued our measuring exploration and have been experimenting with capacity this week, lets just say we'll be cleaning up rice for a long time! Great fun was had while learning though!
  • Finger gym had a valentines theme this week, along with some valentines card making and valentines math puzzles.
  • Everyone finished their stories and they are all AMAZING!! Children have used their phonics skills and imagination fantastically!
  • The children are now confident, independently and safely making themselves toast in the snack area.
  • It was our last football session this week and the children have developed their skills and really enjoy working with Stuart, here's hoping Mrs Patrick can replicate his skills!!!
  • In RE we thought about the importance of following God and why we are part of his family.
  • We only managed to fit in two practises of our Chinese performance before the real one on Friday but it turned out BRILLIANTLY, we are very proud we could share all we've learnt with our families. WELL DONE RECPECTION!
  • After a busy and fun term we are looking forward to our half term before we go DINOSAUR BONKERS!

Week Beginning 4th February  

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • We've been busy exploring weight, we have used  the scales to find out which items are heavier and lighter than each other. 
  • We have begun writing our own stories after making a story plan to decide we wanted to include in them. 
  • We have learnt lots of facts about Panda's, writing fact files, making masks and drawing them.
  • We have started making our large dragons for the Chinese celebration assembly, you are in for a treat!
  • We went to church to practise a mock wedding so we could learn more about the ceremony, ready for our own wedding after half term.
  • Our words for this week are KIND   SENSITIVE   CONSIDERATE  SYMPATHETIC.
  • Children are working extremely hard to receive team points for their coloured teams but also these points add up to win prizes off Mrs Patrick!  

Week Beginning 28th January 

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!
  • It started off on Monday with our trip to the Canton Chef, the children had chicken fried rice, noodles, prawn crackers, spring rolls and sweet and sour chicken. Tommy and Ellen showed us some tradition Chinese new year sweets, cards and decorations. We had a great time.
  • We've been learning how to structure a story and exploring characters, settings, problems and solutions, ready to write our own stories next week.
  • We have investigated measuring by using different non-standard measures to measure things in the classroom, i.e mini me's, numicon and our hands.
  • We had a great snow day, sledging down the big hill and warming up with hot chocolate.
  • We began our wedding RE topic and had mock weddings in the deconstructed role play.
  • Our Chinese dancing and football skills are coming on nicely. 

Week Beginning 21st January

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • Learning the story of 'The Run Away Rice Cake' using actions and picture ques to help us remember it.
  • Using powder paint to mix different colours to paint the 12 different Chinese zodiac animals.
  • We have loved being outside in the cold frosty weather, we have explored ice and made dinosaur dens.
  • In RE we learnt about some of Jesus' miracles  and we thought about how and why we show people we love them.
  • We made some Chinese dragon ready for our Chinese New Year celebrations.
  • We have investigated a lot of Chinese items in the continuous provision.
  • In our maths work we counted different amounts and match the number to it, along with counting on to add more to make our total amount higher.
  • For snack we have tried prawn crackers and rice and soya sauce. 
  • Our words of the day this week are LAUGH SMIRK GIGGLE CACKLE. 

Week Beginning 14th January 

Here are some of the things we've been doing this week:

  • Finger
  • Daily Phonics
  • Beginning to learn about China, we learnt 'The Great Race' story which determined which order the zodiac animal signs would be in. This year is the year of the 'Pig'. We did a joint write on large sheets and wrote down what we would like to find out about China. Lots of great Team Ant work during this activity which was FANTASTIC!
  • We were counting irregular amounts of items in our grab and splat game and matching the numerals to the amounts.
  • In RE we made New Year's Promises, lots were to help Mum's tidy up at home!!! SO WATCH THIS SPACE MUM'S!!!! :) 
  • The children enjoyed their first football session!
  • Miss Henderson taught us a Chinese Dance for our Chinese performance, Mrs Patrick and Mrs Hartley are still trying to catch up!!!

A great start back to normal class life after a fun arts week! Well done everyone!