St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Spring Term 2



This week we have been paleontologists for the day. We wrote about what they do, we made our own dinosaur fossils and and searched for dinosaur bones in the sand and soil pits.

In maths, we have revisited 3D shapes. We have been on shape hunts and looked at the corners, edges and faces of different 3D shapes.

In PE, we have been learning different rolls- for example, the teddy bear roll, pencil roll, egg roll and forward roll.


On Thusrday we had a fitness day. We started the day by running a mile! This was shortly followed by a Moky dance sesion. The children all follwed the instructions and enjoyed the different routines. We then had an extra PE session.

St Patrick's Day is on Saturday so we have been learning all about St Patrick- Where he lived, what he did and about the shamrock.

Volcano experiment...

In maths we have been learning about subtraction. Here are a few photos. You will find more on your child's learning book.


Last Friday the children had a shock when they came back into the classroom after thier dinner. They found that the classroom was a mess and that a dinsoaur had left a trail which the children followed and found some very big dinosaur eggs. On Monday, we wrote a letter to Mrs Jackson to tell her all about what had happened on Friday afternoon.

In Maths this week we have been learning about adding....

We had a science experiment in the afternoon this week. We were learning about melting and trying to 'free' the dinosaur.



In maths, we have been learning about height and weight.

We have been doing observational paintings of flowers.

For snack this week the children learnt to use the microwave to cook baked beans. The children were really good at this and were able to do it independently by the end of the week.

Finger gym...

We have been carrying on our growing topic in RE. This week we have planted sunflower seeds, cress and learning about the life cycle of a plant.

World Book Day...

We enjoyed listening to the stories the chidlren brought in whilst drinking hot chocolate and eating biscuits. The whole school did activities around the book "The man who walked between the 2 towers."


Welcome back after half term. This half term our focus is dinosaurs.

This week in Maths, we have been learning about weight. We have used the big scales to weigh different items and decided which was the heaviest or lightest.

In Literacy, we shared and wrote our current knowledge of dinosaurs and wrote a question about something we would like to find out.

Thank you for sending in a baby photograph, we used these in RE to look at how we had grown. We then thought about how we might look in the future. We also looked at how animals grow and change and painted a picture.

In Prayer and Liturgy, we looked at our new Traveling Bible bag, which will be going home with a child on Wednesday's for you to use at home. The children have been role playing Prayer and Liturgy in the deconstruccted role play.

On Thursday afternoon, the children enjoyed listening and joining in with Fidaddle music.