St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Autumn Term 2


Wow! Well done everyone for you excellent performance in our 'Nativity'. You were all fantastic.

We have been busy this week with Christmas activities. Have a look below at some of things we have been doing.

This week we have been to the library to listen to 3 christmas stories.

Christmas dinner day...


Our trip to Whinlatter.

We had lots of fun on our trip even though it was cold.

Here we are having a hot chocolate and a gingerbread biscuit...

We picked the Christmas tree for school...

Playing on the play park...

On the Gruffalo trail...

Football with Stuart...


On Friday we went to church to learn more about baptism with Father Paul. We had a Mum, Dad and 2 Godparents.

In literacy we have used story maps to make our own stories and then on Thursday we wrote our stories up. Listening for as many sounds in words as we can and writing these letters down. Well done everyone

In Maths, we have been revisiting addition. We have had lots of fun and practical games to help us with this.

Finger gym activities this week...

For snack this week we had yoghurts.



We have carried on learning our Little Old Gran story and had discussions talking about characters, settings and what the Old Grans problem and solution was in the stroy.

Phonics this week we have learnt the letters e, u, r, ck. These have been added to your child's passport.

In maths we have been learning about money, discussing each coin and its worth using numicon and counters.

Snack- Crackers with a variety of toppings to choose from...

Thank you for your donations for Children In Need...


We have started to learn a new story this week in our Literacy sessions. It is called 'The Little Old Gran.' Below is a copy of our story map, a copy also came home with our newsletter to have a go at reading it with your child at home.

A new set of tricky words has been added to your Resource Pack- me, she, he, we, be. Please practice reading and writing these with your child.

Finger gym this week...

Using our new construction area...


Welcome back after half term. We have been learning about fireworks this week, we made rockets in the workshop and did some writing on Wednesday on how to stay safe around bonfires and fireworks. We did well at listening for initial sounds in words and then used a sound mat to help us write the letters down.

We have started to learn about shape in maths, so we went for a shape hunt looking for shapes in the environment.

In Phunky Foods this term we are "Striving for Five", so we learnt about the importance to eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day. We thought about different coloured fruit and veg and why it is important to eat a variety. For snack we have had different fruit and veg and even had some fruit juice.

Monday - Tomatoes and Pineapple

Tuesaday- Corn and Grapes

Wednesday- Pea Pods and Melon

Thursday- Raisins and Carrott sticks

We have added to your child's resource pack a sound passport. The passport has the sounds that we are learning and the hand formations rhymes to match them are stuck in the front. Please help your child to recognise, say and write these letters/ sounds.

We ran our first Daily Mile on Friday, we had lots of fun.

Finger gym...