St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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Autumn Term 1


Well done everyone on your first term in school. Enjoy your week off school.

We have been celebrating halloween this week and will continue with this on the first 2 days back. We have done halloween funky fingers, made Halloween soup, carved peppers, matched pumpkin seeds to numbers and made spooky potions.

Thursday 19th October- We learnt about our class Saint. We learnt the story of St Bernadette and then visited the grotto at St Mary's church. 

Thank you for dressing in PJ's on Friday, the money raised will go to the Sick Children's trust.


In our Literacy time, we have been continuing with our story of The Little Red Hen, we have looked at the story in more detail and have been preparing to make our own story up. We have looked at characters, settings, problems and solutions and then on Friday we boxed our story up (structure- start, middle and an end).

We have had bread and pizza for snack this week which all had the chance to help make.

On Friday morning we made vegetable soup ready for our snack next week.

We learnt about germs using glitter. We rubbed glitter into our hands and then went around the classroom transfering our germs onto resources, door handles, chairs etc... We then made our own germ to go with a poster for our toliets to remind us to wash our hands!


This week we have been learning the story of the Little Red Hen. We have learnt actions for some of the words to help us remember. You may have heard your child already saying the story at home. Attached to this week’s newsletter is a copy of the story map we drew together as class to help you and your child to practice it at home. Also on the school’s Facebook page is a video of us performing it.

In Maths, we have been working on number recognition. We have been on number hunts and matched numicon to the correct numeral.

We have been making perfumes with oranges, limes and lemons in the outdoor area.

We started Finger Gym this week, this is where we do fine motor activities for 5 minutes to help build finger strength ready for writing and a good pencil grip.

Also, we started learning to read and write tricky words. Tricky words are words which are difficult to sound out and hear all the sounds. This week we learnt I and the. Please help your child to read and write these words using the Tricky word resource found in your child’s resource pack.

For snack we had popcorn. We watched an adult make popcorn in the afternoons. We heard lots of popping coming from the pan. We also made bread on Friday morning which we will be having for snack next week.


We have read our last Pete the Cat book this week, about his 4 groovy buttons. We have done some counting activities with buttons, shape activites with the perfume bottles and with numicon.

We have been outside in the mud kitchen. We worked hard to put our own all in one suits and wellies on.

We had toast for snack this week.


This week we have been learning about our class learning superheroes and how we can be more like them. We have Wise Owl, Team Ant, Tough Tortoise and Sensible Squirell. We have talked about each of the learning superheroes 'powers' and how the children can use these powers to help their learning. Well done to those children who have took the Learning Superheoes home this weekend.

We had cereal for snack this week, the children are becoming more independent at serving their own snack. They get their bowl, twist the cereal dispenser twice, pour the milk into the measuring jug and then sit down and enjoy snack. The children then wash and dry their dishes. Well done.


We have been using our imaginations alot this week too in the deconstructed role play area. The children made a pirate ship on Wednesday and made eye patches in the workshop.

Some other pictures..

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We had our first PE lesson...

We spent time learning about how to eat well, we looked at different food groups and what was in Miss Cooper's shopping bag and looked at different fruit and vegetables.

Other photos from this week. We has cheese, cucumber and tomatoes for snack. Some children made a band inside whilst some went on a journey on a boat they made in the deconstruction role play area.


Welcome Everyone to St Patrick's school. We hope you had a lovely summer and you are now ready to settle into the school routine.

We had a great first week in Reception, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! You all looked so smart in your new uniforms.

Here are some photos from our first week...

We went on a tour of the school, met all the teachers and the older children...

We had a story in the library...

Here we are enjoying snack time, this week we had crackers...

Here we are enjoying snack time, this week we had crackers...

Please read our 'Reception Newsletter' on the Parent's Notice Tab there is lots of information about the 2 registration groups, snack money, PE kits, wellies ect...

See you next week everyone, have a lovely weekend.