St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Making learning irresistible

Please have a look at some of the things Reception got up to in 2016 and 2017.

Summer Term 2


St Bees and RNLI trip

We had a fantastic day at St Bees beach. We had lots of fun and the weather stayed nice for us!!

We started off on the park...

We visited the RNLI....

Fun on the beach...

Ice cream time...


This week we started our football sessions with Stuart.. remember your PE kits everyone if you want to join in next week.

Some children in Reception got to take part in a First Aid session organised by the school council.


This week we have been looking at crabs. We watched a video about hermit crabs and about how they swop shells when they become too small. We then compared them to a common shore shell. We have also designed our own hermit crab shell.

On Wednesday, Gracie’s Grandad very kindly organised for Hartley’s Ice Cream van to visit and we all got an Ice Cream!! Thank you.

We finished our current RE topic this week – friendships. We talked about Jesus’ Rule to love one another. We made friendship bracelets and learnt a new song.


This week has been our Phunky Foods and Fitness week where we have been learning how to stay fit and healthy. We have had discussions about healthy and un-healthy foods and that we need to an hours exercise everyday. 

We have made vegetable soup…

Designed and made a healthy sandwich…

Completed the mile run every day…

We also took part in a Moky session; we all had lots of fun.

Summer Term 1


We had a great day on Monday on our trip to the park and then to Tiny Town. The children had a fantastic time and were well behaved. Here are some pictures from our day out.

On Thursday we all visited the Library van to choose a book to keep in school.

Next half term our topic is ‘Wonderful Water’. We will be learning about the sea, what lives in it and how to be safe in and around it, with a visit to the life boats at St Bees. Over the holidays please do some research with your child and draw, write and stick what you find on the sheet attached.

Have a lovely half term and we will see everyone on Monday 5th June for your last term in Reception.



The children have impressed us this week with how much writing they have done. The children all remembered the story of The 3 Billy Goats Gruff and were then able to use their phonics knowledge to help them write the words/ sentences down.

Here is our Writer of the Weeks writing...

In Maths we have been learning more about Subtraction. We have used the subtraction machine, wrote our own number sentences and used double sided counters to solve problems.

On Thursday afternoon we walked down to church to visit Mary. In May we celebrate the Month of Mary and we did this by starting to learn the Hail Mary and drew an observation picture of the statue.

Home Reading Prize Chart

We are introducing a home reading prize chart. Every time your child reads at home they will receive points which will add up to prizes and certificates. All you have to do is read with your child, then sign, date and comment which page is next or if they have finished the book (this must be done every time you read) and they will receive a point. We will check their diaries an extra 2 times a week to update their points chart and to replace books if they have been read.Below is a copy of our chart which willl be kept in school.

Blue star= 1 team point

Yellow star = Reading certificate

Pink star= Prize

Many thanks in supporting your child’s reading journey.



This week we have been focussing on the traditional tale The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. The children have listened to the story and came up with actions for the characters and different settings to help them remember the story. The children then created a story map using pictures and words which will help them next week whilst writing a recount of the story.


For snack on Monday we had scrambled egg and then we used the egg shell to plant cress seeds in the afternoon. We have also planted some sunflower seeds, let's hope they grow.

On Wednesday afternoon we went for a walk down the church path looking at plants, flowers and trees to see what we could find. We brought some back to school to investigate in our tuff tray.

In RE at the moment we are learning about Pentecost and the celebration of Good News. The children all had fantastic news to share with the rest of the class and everyone listened brilliantly to each other and what they had to share.


Finger Gym this week...


Troll Day!! Everyone looked great and we had a fantastic day. We designed our own troll and then described our new character. We gave them a name and decided if they were going to be a happy or mean troll. In the afternoon we made our 'Troll' using different materials to go on our Troll display.

Here are some pictures from the day...

Eating Troll food...

Finger Gym...


Welcome back after the Easter holidays.

In Literacy we wrote about what we got up to in the holidays and writing sentences using Tricky words.

In Maths, we have been working on our number recognition to 20, counting in 2s and 1:1 counting.

On Monday afternoon we did a science experiment using Nappies. The whole school have done this experiment where we followed the children’s interest and questions about Nappies. Some of the questions the children came up with…

How strong are they?
What are they made of?
How much wee do they hold?
Why are they soft not hard?

We had lots of fun tearing them apart and filling them with water to see how much they hold.

Some children made their own nappies to test out materials...

We finished our RE Easter topic this week learning about Jesus dying on the cross and rose again. We had a group discussion and watched an animation.

Spring Term 2


Last week of term...

This week we ended our RE topic of celebrations by having a pretend wedding down at Church with Father Paul. The children all looked lovely and had a fantastic time learning more about weddings. Thank you to all parents for dressing your children, they looked wonderful and for donating buffet food. Here are the pictures from the day:

The wedding party; Bride and Groom, Mother and Father of the Bride, Best Man and Bridesmaids.

Wedding vows and rings...

Signing of the register...

Best Man speech and cutting of the cake...

We visited the Sations of the Cross at church on Thursday morning with Year 3. The Year 3 children were paired with Reception and explained each station to the children. We did some sentence writing in our Literacy this week based on The Last Supper and the Stations of the Cross.

In Maths we have looked at time further. We worked on making o'clock and half past times.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter and see you on Monday 24th April for Summer term.



Trip to Bank Mill

We had a fantastic time on Wednesday visiting Bank Mill visitor centre.

Here we are about to set off...

The Jurrasic world had lots for us to look at and find. We had a challenge to find treasure hidden around the room which we marked off on our clipboards.

We dug for coins in the sand pit.

Someone spotted a tortoise hiding in the plants so some of us were allowed to hold it very carefully...

We met a tortoise aged 35 years old!! It was a quick mover...

Meeting the rescue animals...

Other news from this week:

In literacy this week we look at the book Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs. We wrote questions to Katy about where she had took our dinosaurs too. Luckily we had a delivery at lunch time returning our dinosaurs.

Following on from the story we learnt about volcanoes, did a floating and sinking experiment and made hot air baloons.

In maths we did lots of time activities where we challenged ourselves to see what we could do in 1 minute.


This week in maths we have been working on estimation. We have had a go at having sensible guessing and then counting to find the actual answer.


We focussed on the story Dinosaurs Love Underpants this week. We read the story and then we tried our best to put the pictures back into the right order. We also decorated our own underpants/ knickers to go on a display in the corridor. They look great!

We also celebrated St Patrick's Day. We made our own shamrocks to wear to church and the Black Guards performed to us with some traditional Irish songs. The children really enjoyed them.


Last weekend our eggs hatched!! We wrote a letter to them to see how they were getting on in their new home.


We have also had a science investigation to melt frozen dinosaur eggs. The children made predictions about what would happen when they put sugar/ salt/ lemon juice/ cold water/ hair dryer on the eggs.


In maths this week we have been learning about subtraction. We have used numicon, sweets, beads and cars to help with our understanding of something being taken away and the number becoming smaller.


Welcome back and what a busy week we have had. First of all thank you to everyone that took time and effort into their dinosaur homework.

We have had a great first week of our new topic, including a mystery visitor that left behind some eggs.

In Maths this week we have been learning about 1 more and 1 less.

Finger gym activities…

Everyone looked fantastic for World Book Day, we had a great day of writing, reading and art activities based on the story of ‘The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore.

Spring Term 1

Chinese Celebration

Thank you all for coming to watch our Chinese Celebration we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Chinese Dragon dancing...

Hamper winner...



We have had a great half term learning about China and the Chinese New Year Celebration. We hope you enjoyed our performance today. (Pictures to follow – during half term)

This week we have been learning about Panda’s. We read the book Pi Shu and then labelled a Panda in our writing books. Here are some examples: Brooke and Ashlee. Well done.

In Maths, we finished our 3 week block of Shape, space and measure topic by looking at length and height. We used non-standard measure for example our mini me’s, numicon, hearts, lego to measure an outline of a panda and everyday items around the classroom and then we had a look at measuring with tape measures.

On Thursday afternoon the Fiddale Music Men come to school to play some instruments and sing to us. We all enjoyed it.


Finger gym…

Making Chinese hats...

Thank you for your support this term and attending Parent’s Evening, our Open evening to introduce our New Online Learning Books and our Chinese Celebration. Have a lovely half term holiday.

Next term our topic will be about Dinosaurs. Please help your child over the half term holiday to research some facts about Dinosaurs.


For the past two weeks in Literacy we have been focusing on Chinese traditional tales: Yeh Hsien (Cinderella) and The Runaway Rice Cake (The Gingerbread Man). The children have been practising to write sentences about the stories. This week some children had the chance to make a baked Chinese Rice cake which we all tried for our snack on Thursday- most children enjoyed it.

In maths, we have been learning lots about Capacity and weight. The children have enjoyed lots of practical activities including; filling containers with water/ sand/ rice to be full, half full, quarter full, empty, we have also being weighing everyday items to find heavy and light objects.


Canton Chef!

This week we visited Canton Chef in Cleator Moor. The children all came dressed up in their Chinese clothes. Everyone looked great. In the morning we spent some time doing some Chinese craft activities: Lanterns and Rocking Roosters and played some games in the hall.

In the afternoon, we walked round to Canton Chef where Ellen and Tommy were waiting to greet us. We took a seat at the tables and tried the different foods. We tried noodles, rice, and chicken in a sauce, prawn crackers and spring rolls. Everyone did really well at trying all the food.

We got a lovely gift of some chopsticks and a lucky envelope to take home with us.



Welcome back everybody, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday and are now ready to come back to school and learn lots of new things.

This term we are learning about China and celebrating the Chinese New Year.

This week in Literacy we have been looking at the Story of the Chinese New Year and the Zodiac animal race. Ask your child about the story and who won the race? Following on from this story, in Maths we had animal races of our own indoors and outside. We picked an animal to race for and we got medals depending on who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd…

We are carrying on our Finger Gym sessions- Chinese inspired!

We are learning to wash and dry our things up after having snack.

In R.E we were learning about when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple. We acted out the story in small groups and made doves to symbolise the offering Mary and Joseph made to God.

Autumn Term 2


We have been very busy this week doing lots of Christmas activities…

Maths activities…

Father Christmas visited again…

We enjoyed our Christmas dinner on Wednesday; we made our own Christmas hats and enjoyed listening to music whilst we ate all of dinner.

On Friday was our Nativity performance everyone was fantastic, well done.





We had a wonderful time on Tuesday, on our school trip to Whinlatter. We went on the Gruffalo trail; our task was to take him some warm clothes just like we were wearing to help the Gruffalo keep warm. On our walk through the forest we collected food to feed the Gruffalo, wore reindeer antlers (because the Gruffalo only speaks to other animals), and sang some songs.


Here we are on the bus… everyone looks excited.

Listening about the Gruffalo...

The Gruffalo trail…

We met Father Christmas...

Having our packed lunch...

We went to buy a Christmas tree for school…

Having fun on the play park...


Sorry for the delay in our weekly news, this was due to a technology problem. Please check ‘Autumn Term 2’ for the last two weeks news and pictures. This week we have followed the children’s interest in Go Jetters, we have learnt about a different country each day (Italy, France, USA and Australia. We have done lots of different activities this week linked to the country of the day, learning about different famous places, different languages, had various snacks linked to the country and used the IPAD’s to research and find pictures.

Before using the IPAD’s, we looked at internet safety through The Adventures of Smartie the Penguin. 

We learnt about how we should always ask adults for help when were not sure of things worried or confused and to not talk to or open emails off strangers. We learnt a song to help us remember how to be safe online.

“Before you click, click, click… You need to think, think, think… And TELL someone!”

On Thursday, we celebrated Buddy Bear’s 4th Birthday. The children made birthday cards for Buddy, we played pass the parcel and ate birthday


Have a look at our photo's from this week.

We moved onto 3D shapes in maths...

We read Damian Harvery's 'Monster Cake' book and then wrote a list of ingredients we would need to make our own crispy cakes.

We also tried the coke and mint experiment, to see what happened to the coke when we added mints.


This week our learning was focussed on Bonfire night, 2D shapes, Baptism and we visited our new library where Damian Harvey read us some lovely stories. Have a look at the pictures from this week...


Welcome back everyone and well done to all the children coming into the classroom in the morning safely and sensibly. We had a spooky start to the week. We read the story Room on the Broom listening for rhyming words and even having a go at listening for the sounds in some of these words and writing them down. In maths we have been learning how to add. We have made potions in the water tray and added characters onto broom sticks.

We made blood sandwiches...

Finger Gym...

This week the children having started to learn about Baptism. We went to church and Father Paul explained how people get baptised at church. We gathered around the font where Eva and Eli acted as Mum and Dad and had their baby 'Lala' baptised. Father Paul showed us the shell he uses to pour water over the baby's head and we helped say the correct words. We also received a Baptism Candle to take back to school with us.

Autumn Term 1


This week our focus was being healthy. We read the story of Handa's Surprise and then tried the different fruit mentioned in the book including passion fruit, mango, pineapple, avacado, oranges and bananas. The children all did very well- they were willing to try new things and say if they liked them or not. Also, the children all had the chance to make vegetable soup which the children enjoyed eating every morning for snack. Thank you to those who donated £1 to our health and hygiene weeks.

Also this week...

The children visited church...

Drawing their journey from home to school...

Writing tricky words...

Please check your Home to School resource pack for new resources.

Well done to all the children on your first half term at St Patrick's. Have a lovely half term and we will see you back in school on Monday 31st October.



We have had a great week learning about health and hygiene. The children have been brushing their teeth after dinner, made teeth impressions using salt dough, washed babies in the water tray and have had lots of discussions about how we can be healthy and hygienic.

We have learnt some more letters in phonics- "i,n,m,d", please carry on using the resources to practice at home. (A new 'Phonics' tab has been created on the website with lots of information about Phonics). This week we have been using the 'rice and glitter' tray to practice forming our letters.

Some other photos from the week...


Number activities...

Water play...

More Finger Gym...



This week we have started phonics- learning the letter name, sound and rhyme to help us remember how to write it. Here we are learning 's' 'a' 't' 'p'.

We made Pirate patches..

Ants on a leaf..

We have also learnt some 'tricky words'(you can't sound these words out) - 'the' 'I' 'to' 'go' 'no'. Please use the tricky word resource sent home to help your child learn these words.

On Tuesday afternoon we worked with our buddy class- Year 3. The Year 3's came with their instructions on how to make dinosaur fossils using clay. We had lots of fun, working outside in the sun and learning from the other children.


We have been learning lots about our Learning Superheroes- Sensible Squirrel, Tough Tortoise, Team Ant and Wise Owl. Talking about their 'powers' and how they could be like them? Have a look at the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' page for more information on these Learning Superheroes.

We have also been practising some more finger gym activities this week (have a look at the Finger Gym tab for some pictures) and more children have been playing in the Mud Kitchen. The children have been on a number hunt around school and made 'Super Potatoes'.

And we have been experimenting dying pasta - using lots of different colours.



Another great week! You might have heard your child saying they have been doing Finger Gym this week- well you heard right! Finger Gym helps build up your child's finger strength, which will help with their writing. We listened to some music and tried some fine motor activities. Have a look at the pictures below of us working hard.

Also, this week we have investigated ice and we tried to get the carrots out after listening to the story 'SuperPotato.' We have had the Maasai Warriors visit us from Kenya where they performed tribal songs and dance. We have also learnt about our class Saint- Saint Bernadette and visited the statue in the church grounds.


This week we have been busy looking at numbers and looking at rhyming words in books and playing lots of rhyming games. The children have also made dream catchers and dream jars to celebrate Roald Dahl's Birthday. Have a look at our display in the classroom.

Our First Week in School

Welcome Everybody!! We hope you had a lovely summer and are now ready to settle into the school routine.

We have had a fantastic first week in Reception. The children all looked very smart in their new uniforms. Please remember to correctly label ALL your child’s belongings (don’t forget P.E kits).

Here are some photos from our first week...

We went on a tour of the school, met all the teachers and other children.

We have been enjoying snack time...

And we had our first P.E lesson. We played the bean game, balanced bean bags in different places on our bodies and then had a race boys vs girls whilst balancing a bean bag on our heads.