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    Pentecost Project 


This half term we are inviting you to get involved with our whole school Pentecost Project.  Each of the activities are intended to help you to develop the following skills within Religious Education:

Knowledge and Understanding

Engagement and Response

Analysis and Evaluation

There is also an emphasis on this terms Living & Learning Statement:

Generous for the good of others, and they take pride in their own work.

Try to complete as many of the activities as you can over this coming week.


The theme of Pentecost is covered each year at school, so hopefully most of you will be familiar with the events of both:

The Ascension 


We would however, suggest that you remind yourselves of the stories of both.  Click the titles above to be linked to clips retelling these events, these are particularly aimed at EYFS and KS1. 

If you are KS2 please feel free to watch them, however it is also important that in addition to this, you begin to look carefully at the associated scripture. If you have access to a Bible you could explore this and locate them in there; alternatively you can find both on the Catholic Ethos Page.

EYFS Parents - This will be, for a lot of the children, the first time that they have heard of these events, so it may be a good idea for them to learn about it in the wider context of Easter.  The full story up to the Ascension can be accessed here

 Pentecost is the end of the Easter season and takes place 50 days after Jesus' resurrection.  You may find it helpful to explain to the children that Pentecost is like the birthday of the church.


Please remember that we do love to see your work and you can email anything to us at:


Enjoy your half term.




This week we want you to think carefully about Oscar Romero’s message and also about our living and learning statement; Generous for the good of others, and they take pride in their own work.

To find out more about St Oscar Romero look here.


In preparation of this week’s activities and when thinking about the designing of your poster you may like to research the following:

Symbols of the Holy Spirit

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

The Fruits of the Holy Spirit


Think about their similarities and differences.


Below is some information to help you.

Fruits of The Holy Holy Spirit

Symbols of The Holy Spirit



John Henry Cardinal Newman's favourite prayer.  You can find out more about Cardinal Newman here


Come Holy Spirit,

Make our ears to hear,

Make our eyes to see,

Make our mouths to speak,

Make our hearts to seek,

Make our hands to reach out 

And touch the world with your love.