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Music in School

Our Curriculum 2018

If you have any questions about music at St Patrick's please ask!

Autumn term

Foundation Stage: Are learning to sing nursery rhymes and action songs. They will begin to listen to different styles of music, learn to sing or sing along with nursery rhymes and action songs, improvise and explore musical instruments, and begin to perform and share what they have learnt.

Year 1: Are learning to sing Hey You! This is a simple rap song, which focuses on pitch, rhythm and pulse. The children are beginning to use a range of percussion instruments to accompany the song. They will begin to write their own rap songs in the next couple of weeks.

Year 2: Are learning to sing Hands, Feet, Heart. This is a song that celebrates South African music. The

children are learning about the tempo, dynamics and the structure of this song. They will begin to listen to other South African music and songs, and will begin to use percussion instruments to improvise their own piece of African music.

Year 3: Are looking at reggae music. They are currently learning to sing Three Little Birds which they are really enjoying! They are learning about the different styles in reggae music and learning to identify different types of instruments.

Year 4: Are learning to sing Lean On Me.They are listening to other Gospel and soul pieces, and are looking for style indicators for this type of music. They have been linking their music to their work on the slave trade.

Year 5: Are learning to sing Don't Stop Believing. They are looking at other music from the 80's and learning about different style indicators. They are learning about the different elements of music, and are beginning to read musical notation.

Year 6: Are learning to sing Living On A Prayer. They are looking at style indicators for other rock songs, and will begin to create their own rock song. They are learning about the different elements of music, learning to read musical notation and learning to play tuned and untuned instruments.

Spring term

Foundation stage: This half term FS are learning all about China and Chinese New Year. They will be exploring and listening to Chinese music and linking their topic work to their music lessons.They will create and improvise their own musical pieces and look at the instruments used in music from China.

Year 1: 'In the Groove,' is this half terms musical focus. They will learn the 'in the groove,' song, which demonstrates different

styles of music. Children will continue to learn about the dimensions of music including pitch, pulse and rhythm, and will continue to improvise and create their own pieces of music, learning about different instruments.

Year 2: Year 2 are learning all about the glockenspiel ( stage 1) They will learn about the background of the instrument, how it is made and begin to learn how to play a glockenspiel properly. They will learn songs and create their own pieces of music to perform. After half term, the children will be learning all about being in a band, and will listen to a range of music by different bands.

Year 3: Year 3 will be learning about the glockenspiel and xylophone ( stage 2) They will build on existing skills and begin to learn more songs to perform which include more notes and skill. They will then learn about Benjamin Britten, and learn the song 'There was a monkey.' The children will have opportunity to research Benjamin Britten's life and to listen and discuss many of his other pieces.

Year 4: Will continue to learn about different tuned and untuned instruments, and will have opportunity to explore them; discussing their backgrounds and how they differ. They will play a range of tuned and untuned instruments and build on their

glockenspiel skills. They will then learn another of Benjamin Brittens's pieces, 'Cuckoo.'

Year 5: Year 5 will begin to learn all about jazz music. They will learn basic jazz,'Three note bossa,' and 'The five note swing,' and use these new skills to play a piece of jazz music. They will also improvise and perform their own pieces of jazz. They will learn about the background of jazz and continue to learn the interellated dimensions of music.

Year 6: Year 6 will begin the term by continuing to learn about jazz. All learning will be focused around 'Bacharach Anorak and Meet The Blues.' They will then learn about rap music and create their own raps, based on the song 'The fresh Prince of Bel-Air.'

Summer term

Foundation stage: This term, FS will be preparing their musical knowledge for transitioning into year 1. They will be listening and learning about funk music.

Year 1: This term, year 1 will be listening to songs that show different musical dimensions. They will be listening to a mash up of latin, dance and jazz music and learning about the different dimensions these types of music have.

Year 2: Year 2 will be focusing on one song for the first half term called 'zootime.' This is a reggae song and children will be learning about the different dynamics, whilst performing their own pieces.

Year 3: This term Year 3 will be learning about RnB music. They will listen to; let your spirit fly, heal the world,consider yourself, and aint no mountain high enough. They will compare different types of music before performing an RnB song.

Year 4:
'lean on me,; is the name of the 6 week topic. Children will be listening to and appraising the song by Bill Withers, as well as learning, rehearsing and performing. They will continue to develop their understanding of musical notation.

Year 5:
Year 5 will be focusing on rap, to make people more aware about bullying. They will listen to artists who rap from around the world, as well as improvising, writing and creating their own rap about bullying. They will continue to develop their understanding of musical notation.

School Choir

2018 Summer term

Due to popular demand, choir is currently full. We will be having a new intake in the Summer term. We will start the term with ' Everything Disney!'


2018 Spring term

Choir is becoming a very popular after school club! We are starting the Spring term with ' Everything Abba!' Children will learn all about Abba as a group and learn their songs. We will perform to the school after February half term. Watch this space!


2017 Autumn term

Welcome to the new Autumn term! Choir will still be running every Tuesday until 4pm, please speak to Mrs Bell if you would like to join. We are starting the new term with the theme ' Blasts from the past!' where we will be learning songs by artists such as; Michael Jackson, Abba, The beach boys, the Beatles and many more!

Children have recently performed in ShowStoppers. They have learnt songs from different musicals and had the opportunity to research them. The children were brilliant!

Choir after school club has begun! This is every Tuesday until 4pm in Mrs Bell's classroom.

We have started off the term by rehearsing some of our school hymns, and learning some popular songs such as Lean on Me.


Each week we will warm up our voices correctly, practice our breathing techniques, learn how to sing in different ways, and most of all, have lots of FUN!

Recorder Club

Mrs Woodburn takes recorder club. Recorders are available to use at home, but we do ask that these are looked after and returned when necessary.

Music explained

A guide to some of the musical terms children may come across in music sessions

Acapella: Without accompaniment from musical instruments, ie voices only

Appraising: Listening carefully.

Arrangement : How voices and instruments are used in a song; where they occur within the song.

Back beat: Beats 2 and 4 in a drum-line or if we are clapping along with the music.

Backing: The accompaniment to a song

Balance: The level of volume at which players sing or play; if the balance is good then everyone can be heard.

Ballad: A gentle love song. band Playing/singing/performing together.

Chord: More than one note played at the same time.

Chorus: A repeated section in a song which gives the main message

Cover: A version of a song performed by someone other than the original artist that might sound a bit – or very – different.

Composing: Creating and developing musical ideas and 'fixing' these.

Crossover: Can be a mixture of different styles which introduces new music to different audiences

Drumloops: A loop is a sequence of sounds/music that is recorded, maybe sampled, and reproduced digitally or electronically.

Dynamics: How loud or quiet the music is.

Ensemble: A French word used to describe playing/singing/performing together.

Groove : The rhythmic part of the music that makes you want to move and dance.

Harmony:Different notes sung or played at the same time, to produce chords

Improvise: To make up a tune and play it on the spot; there is an assumption that it can never be recreated.

Lyrics: The words of a song.

Melody: Another name for a tune.

Notation: Ways to visually represent music.

Offbeat: If a piece of music has 4 beats in a bar ie 1 2 3 4, to clap on the offbeat you would clap on beats 1 and 3 not 2 and 4

Ostinato: A short repeated pattern.

Pentatonic scale: A fixed five-note pattern eg the five black keys on a piano.

Performing: Singing and playing instruments.

Phrase: A musical sentence.

Pitch: The range of high and low sounds

Pulse/beat :The heartbeat or steady beat of a song/piece of music

Rhythm: The combination of long and short sounds to make patterns

Tempo: An Italian word used to describe how fast/slow the music goes.

Texture :Layers of sound in music.

Timbre: The quality and character of the sound


Musical notation

Below are musical notations children will begin to learn about;