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Geography & History



History is an inspiring and exciting subject that should open a window of curiosity in children. At the Grove, we strive to open the window and to nurture curiosity in children that leaves them wanting to find out more about the past.

The National Curriculum for Primary History says that “A high-quality history education will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. It should inspire pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past.”


How is History taught at St Patrick’s?

We teach through a topic based approach where History is incorporated into other subjects to give pupils a wide context for learning. The time allocated for History is planned out on our curriculum maps and this usually consists of one historical topic per term.

KS1 - Over a two-year cycle, children will learn about:

Historical toys, Battle of Hastings, Great fire of London, Guy Fawkes and the History of our school.

LKS2 (Y3 & 4) – Over a two-year cycle, children will learn about:

Ancient Egytians, ancient Mayans, Stone, Iron and Bronze age; and the invading Roman empire.


Y4 discovering Tutankhamun’s tomb


Y3 pupils learning how the Egyptians used logs to move their heavy blocks of limestone to build pyramids.


Y5 created artwork showing the blitz in the World War.

UKS2 (Y5 & 6) - Over a two-year cycle, children will learn about:

Local history of Cleator Moor, WWI and WWII, Anglo-saxons, Scots and Vikings; and ancient Greece.

Y5 created propaganda posters to recruit during the World wars.


Y5 created trenches using recycled materials during DT lessons.