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Place value

This term we are focusing on reading and writing numbers up to a million.  

To understand number, we need to understand the value of each digit. 

To do this we use a place value grid and children MUST remember these in order.


Millions Hundred thousands Ten thousands Thousands Hundreds Tens Ones decimal point tenths hudredths
M HTh TTh Th H T O . t h

Roman numerals

In Year 4, children learnt Roman numerals to 100 (C).

This year we are learning Roman numerals to 1,000 (M).

Children MUST learn these by heart to work out the value.


Roman numerals picture



  1. The Romans were lazy and didn't repeat a letter more than 3 times e.g. III = 3, CCC = 300.
  2. If a letter is placed after a letter that is worth more, you add the values because it is that many AFTER e.g. XV = 10 + 5 = 15.
  3. If the letter is before a letter of higher value, you take it away because it is that many BEFORE                   e.g. IX = 1 before 10 so 10 - 1 = 9.  ONLY subtract I, X or C.  

Rounding numbers

We have been learning this rhyme to help us round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000.


Rounding rhyme


  1. Circle the digit that the question asks you to round to nearest.
  2. Look next door and decide if you need to add 1 more to the digit you circled, OR to let it rest and not change it.
  3. Write the digits before (if there are any) down as they stay the same.
  4. Write any digits after as 0's. 



You can also check out this rap song

on YouTube at: Rounding numbers rap song